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BOOK: Waiting on God; A 30 Day Devotional
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BOOK: Waiting on God; A 30 Day Devotional

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This 30-day devotional is a prayer journey for all singles in the waiting season of their lives. It is 30 days of spending time with, waiting on and seeking God.

One asset that single ladies have is time to spend with God; alone time to pray, read the word and soak in his presence. The single season is actually a beautiful time that when wisely used, can plant seeds of purpose to be reaped in the next season of life. Spending time with God is NEVER in vain.

This devotional is a journey of quiet time that the author, Nancy spent with her maker and her first love; Jesus. We hope it edifies you as you choose to wait on God in your single [dating, courtship, or engaged] season!

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