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My Prayer Fortress


I have been thinking of how we (me included) seem to be constantly rushing through [something] to get to the next

…. we rush through our mornings to arrive on time (to work/school), and then rush through our morning schedules to make it to the afternoon appointment. We do make it to the afternoon appointment on time, then rush through it to pick up the kids from school or to take them to piano practice.

We rush home to get dinner ready so that the family eats early, and kids do homework and are in bed on time. At the end of the day, we brush our teeth, checking on tomorrow’s agenda on our phones.

We hurriedly say our goodnight prayers, kiss our spouse goodnight, and finally lay our heads on the pillow to sleep…because tomorrow, we need to be up early to walk the dog, get the school lunches packed and load the laundry, before we start our day ….

Am I using the right word here? Rush. Maybe I should substitute rush for hasten or hurry.  I have noticed, sadly, that when I am rushing, or hastening or hurrying, I am not gentle at that moment. It’s more of quick movements, sometimes jerky, sometimes methodical, but not gentle. But, the thing that surprised me the most, is that in the moments I am rushing, I am not fully present in that moment; I am thinking of the next thing to get done and sadly, I miss out of the present moment.

But, how does God speak to us? Isn’t it typically in moments when we are still or quiet, not rushed or hastened? Isn’t it times when we are intentionally present in the moments; Those un-rushed moments when we notice that our child needs an extra hug this evening, notice the twinkle in the eye of our spouse as they smile, notice our co-worker is struggling with something, or when you get that peace in your heart to move forward with a decision you have been seeking God about.  I believe God is a gentle God and speaks in gentle ways. In our many moments of rush/haste/hurry through our day (s), weeks, months, years. Do we miss the voice of our gentle God?

-love, Nancy

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